10 000 Coop

By joefawaz · Aug 7, 2012 · ·
  1. joefawaz
    Describe '$10,000 coop' here

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  1. blueeyeddemon
    This is going to be awesome to watch build!!!
  2. NC ChickenKate
    My 10K Koop...Roof over a enclosed 24 x 24 foot yard has an array of solar photovoltaic panels which power the automatic waters that constantly filter and clean their stainless steel waterers, provide lighting for those shorter winter days to keep up the egg production, powers a conveyer belt that shuttle the just layed eggs to a refridgeration unit...and an ice machine for my tall lemonade I sip while lounging in the yard with my ladies...
  3. coolcanoechic
  4. Johnn
    i want to see!!
  5. BeulahBreezes
    I am curious too!
  6. MissusC
    Please post this soon...I have got to see what a $10,000 coop looks like. :p

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