$100 Diy Portable Coop

By anawhite · Aug 2, 2012 · Updated Aug 6, 2012 · ·
  1. anawhite
    For just $100 in lumber and supplies, and a few hours, we DIYed this coop for four hens with 10 square feet of covered coop space, 40 square feet of run (with rain cover)!


    This is a fast, economical but very functional coop that is portable.


    We just needed a super basic and inexpensive coop for our four chickens to keep them protected from predators. We will be building a larger coop for the winter soon.

    This coop cost about $100 to build and my husband and I put it together in just a few hours!


    This A Frame Style Chicken Coop has everything - an upstairs that folds open for nesting box, a run that is about 40 square feet, and it is portable, so no cleaning required! I did modify the end to have an access door as well to allow the hens to free range during the day.


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  1. raygirl4386
    Thank you so much, I have been trying to think of how i can get my chicks out of the basement while we build our shed coop.

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