100 Pictures of my Flock: 2012 Edition

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    The 2012 edition of the project is being moved to a new page to make room for new ideas and projects by other members. The original page is here.

    100 Pictures of my Flock

    Welcome to 100 Pictures of my Flock, the original Summer 2012 Edition! This was a project I tried during summer break, May 6 to August 19 of 2012, but I didn't reach my goal before school started again. Anyway, the goal is simple: take one unique picture fitting one of the 100 themes I have thought up!

    These themes are meant to be open to several meanings, as I hoped to catch my birds in the act, sort of spur-of-the-moment chance that I find them doing these things. I have only a few themes that I had in mind what I wanted to do for them from the start. However, none of these pictures are staged. This is just my flock doing their normal, everyday goofy things when I happened to be around with the camera to catch them. ;)

    Anyone can do this, too! It's super-fun and gives you a lot of quality time with the girls! I might suggest, though, that someone wanting to try this switches up the themes in their checklist a bit, mainly because some of these themes based on activities pretty unique to my flock (for instance, not everyone camps out with their chickens :lol: ). On top of that, it'll give everyone something different to do to make their checklist special.

    Here is my checklist:

    You can click on any checked theme to go directly to the post it was featured in!​
    This summer, I want to get a picture of...
    {X} 1. what hens do in the rain
    {X} 2. a broody glare
    {X} 3. wattle action
    {X} 4. a Guinea ballet
    {X} 5. the Fluff-Butt Championships
    {X} 6. chicken bed-time
    {X} 7. a lucky hen
    { } 8. a broody bath
    {X} 9. a day at the spa
    {X} 10. a Bantam on too many eggs
    {X} 11. naughty hens
    {X} 12. a Happy Hatchday cake
    {X} 13. an unlucky hen
    {X} 14. SPORTS POSE
    {X} 15. a hen-squat
    {X} 16. the wettest beard
    {X} 17. camping with chickens
    {X} 18. sunbathing hens
    {X} 19. sweaty chicken pits
    {X} 20. screamin’ Guineas
    { } 21. my little mousers in action
    {X} 22. a close-up
    {X} 23. close-ups on feathers
    {X} 24. close-ups on combs
    {X} 25. the DUN-DUN-DUNNNN banty
    { } 26. crouching Guinea
    {X} 27. hidden chicken
    {X} 28. kids with chickens
    {X} 29. chicken football
    {X} 30. chickens ‘flying’
    {X} 31. a chicken swarm
    {X} 32. gardening with chickens
    {X} 33. rafter banties
    {X} 34. NOM
    {X} 35. GULP
    {?} 36. the most eggs in one box by the hens
    {X} 37. an egg rainbow
    {X} 38. the most hens in one shot
    {X} 39. preen time
    {X} 40. the coop opening for the day
    { } 41. bubbles!
    {X} 42. a cool summer snack
    { } 43. a first-time snack
    {X} 44. expressing excitement
    {X} 45. Guineas in the grass
    {X} 46. the solstice sunrise
    { } 47. the joy of fresh-mowed grass
    { } 48. muddy feet
    {X} 49. a shady spot to nap
    {X} 50. dust kicking up
    {X} 51. nervous Guineas
    {X} 52. the first tomato snack
    {X} 53. the first tomato worm snack
    {X} 54. apple cores!!
    { } 55. ruffled feathers
    { } 56. a hen in a tree
    { } 57. rockin’ time
    {X} 58. BUCKWHEAT..!
    {X} 59. when it’s too hot to free range
    {X} 60. an odd egg
    {X} 61. a caption-worthy shot
    {X} 62. a staring contest
    {X} 63. a rooster crowing
    {X} 64. a visitor
    {X} 65. flight of the Guineas
    { } 66. BOSS
    {X} 67. lap chickens
    {X} 68. the ‘building inspectors’
    {X} 69. jail birds
    {X} 70. one old bird
    {X} 71. a Guinea treat
    {X} 72. chicken prints
    {X} 73. evidence!
    {X} 74. lost feathers
    {X} 75. a Guinea above
    {X} 76. the ‘Bird-Eye’
    { } 77. windswept birds
    {X} 78. a strange pairing
    { } 79. a flower portrait
    { } 80. a tight squeeze
    {X} 81. hens in the woods
    {X} 82. a … what in the world?
    {X} 83. fluffing it out
    {X} 84. a ‘tightrope’ walk
    {X} 85. a calming sunset
    {X} 86. a hen on a mission
    { } 87. follow the leader
    {X} 88. a hen coming over
    {X} 89. a hen running AWAY!
    {X} 90. wings out
    {X} 91. a place *obviously* meant for chickens
    {X} 92. a panting Guinea
    {X} 93. a really fresh egg
    {X} 94. ZOMBIES
    {X} 95. a pretty Guinea
    {X} 96. an uncomfortable pose
    { } 97. a Guinea dust bath
    {X} 98. the egg song in action
    {X} 99. the stinkiest stink-eye
    { } 100. a brave hen

    82 / 100 themes completed, with a total of 163 pictures uploaded to the project!

    I will be adding the pictures here, but not the text. If you want to know what was going on with each picture, you can view the original thread here.

    Picture Archive

    (Work In Progress)​

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