11-32 chickens dead from Meyers

By smchickenfarm · Aug 28, 2013 · ·
  1. smchickenfarm
    We recently ordered 32 chickens from Meyers Hatchery and upon arrival 9 where dead and within 6 hours 2 more have joined them. There are several more that are headed in that direction. Thankfully Meyers has a 48 hour policy and we can get replacements but still we are not happy and plan to order from a different hatchery next year. we still don't know how many are rooster. My sister ordered 10 and 2 of them where roosters so there sex rate is not to good either. I hope that nobody else has this problem.

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  1. hdmax
    I feel your pain! Earlier this year I ordered 16 Red Star pullets, and 1 cockerel from Murray Mcmurray Hatchery. Not sure if it was postal delays or hatchery choices of delivery system, but On day 4 after shipment, I received a call from the nearest Postal sorting station that my chicks were in. (About 40 miles away!) I could go pick them up there or pick them up at the local post office the next day. (Day five!)
    I jumped in the truck and drove there to get them knowing four days without food was really pushing it for them, and five days were surly a death sentence!) To make a long story a little shorter, 9 of the pullets and the cockerel was DOA.
    I immediately called Murray, they sent out a new batch of the same order plus 4 extras the following Sunday. The same thing happened once again. 4 days later I receive the same type call from the same sorting station. This time ten pullets were DOA, but they had sent 20, so I have one more then I originally ordered, but because of extremely slow shipping for whatever reason, 20 chicks died.
    I have since ordered from Mt. Healthy, and Cackle Hatchery, with extremely quick deliveries, and very good success.
  2. Whittni
    I'm sorry for your bad luck, sometimes the chicks hatch late or get too hot/cold or even wet when shipped and the mortality rate is bad.

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