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  1. TheChiggens
    Every Thursday I am going to try and write an article called "Thursday Flocktoids" each Thursday I will address a new topic about chickens! Please give any comments/compliments!

    Today we will address the topic of feeding vegetables to the flock. For me and many others feeding vegetables from the garden is a common thing to do. But do we always know what's ok for them to eat? Read to find out some common vegtable choices.

    Chickens love carrots. as long as you prepare them right. Of course, the carrot top is easy for them to eat. but the rest of the carrot must be grated, chopped or boiled. For the easiest consumption. Also, he beta-carotene can make egg yokes brilliant orange!


    Though there may be lots of criticism of weather garlic is ok for chickens. It is ok because unlike other plants in the allium family they have only had 1/15th percent of the toxins that others have. Therefore opinions are too toxic.
    Garlic has amazing Immune/Antibiotic support properties. It can also repel many insects. Feeding chickens fresh minced garlic or garlic powder is one great way to feed it to them.

    Should be prepared the same way as carrots since they are in the same family. Supply many good nutrients fo the flock.


    Potatoes are part of the poisonous Night Shade family and are a definite no for feeding raw. The vines and leaves are all poisonous. Green skin potatoes especially have toxins in the skin called Solanine. In smaller quantities, you can reduce some of the Solanine by cooking at 400 degrees F. And use white potatoes not green


    Chickens love the greens/roots raw. You can grate them to make it easier to eat.

    Sweet Potatoes

    Like white potatoes, sweet potatoes are not part of the Nightshade family. And are a member of the Morning Glory family. Which does not contain Solanine. And so along with the leaves, they are fine for chickens to eat.

    Thanks for reading!
    Please post any thoughts in a comment below!









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  1. MROO
    "Good info on feeding veggies"
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Nov 9, 2019
    The information here is really good, but the typo, grammatical and punctuation errors make it awkward to read and somewhat confusing - as in "Therefore opinions are too toxic."
    A good proof read would make this an absolutely excellent article, as the information offered is detailed and important to know!
    1. TheChiggens
      OK yes I was thinking so to I will Proofread more carefully next time!


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  1. NHMountainMan
    Thanks for pulling this together and I look forward to seeing your weekly additions - we could all use an easy reference guide!
    I think there is a typo on Sweet potatoes - it say "like" white potatoes - I think you mean "unlike" - as sweet potatoes are ok for chickens.
  2. TheChiggens
    This is now going to be a weekly thread instead.
  3. TheChiggens
    1. casportpony
      The only comments I have seen from vets say not to feed it.
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  4. casportpony
    I love this weekly article idea, but can you show me one veterinarian that says garlic is safe for chickens?
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    1. TheChiggens
      Sure I understand.
      let me see what I can find :)

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