By 123jenny123 · Oct 9, 2012 ·
  1. 123jenny123
    Describe '123jenny123' here is heno, i got her the end of july, she weighed nearly a pound, she had escaped from somewhere and was trotting around ainsley st park in grimsby, shes done the rounds she was hiding for about two years we think around the park, when i tthink of the dogs that could of gotten her.anywayz she lives with me know, and is a most treasured possesion, she has a rabbit hutch am getting a run for it shortly to avoid complications with the doggys, she accaisonally has laid double yolkers, and ones with no shell on , wich she eats. no flys on her, i thjink its for the hjangoverr of that apple cider viniegar, but i dont tell her shes got drink problem.she laid an egg this morning bless her, and couldnt seem to empty the poo, it was stuck and like toothpaste, dark coloured, i tryed to help her i could see all the back was out, i panicked and gently cleaned the vent with the extension it was like watching a dog have contractions, glad i had my kids before i saw this what was happening to her, it may of put me off. then when i saw she was still struggling i pinched the sack a bit , i didnt know what on earth to do. and cleared away more poo, then like magik it cleared, am worried a little about her now, but she seems fine when i bring her in at dinner ill give her a little olive oil, she does eat cabbage leaves. for two days tho she chose cabbage and screamed for flies. then pecked my poor date plants roots and tryed to attack it it still survives minus a lot of its mud around it, she musta noticed a bug and some grit what i dropped and pelllets wat i dropped clumsy me.i think were getting on fine despite the doggys. bad attitude towards her, they dunt understand it the eggs that are nice. unless i run round with treats all morning the poor chicken wunt get freedom, much must save for extension. sturdy one at that., this is fun.

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