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    Blue Ridge Stables

    [FONT=terminal,monaco] We are a privately owned farm in North Eastern PA... I do everything I can to help rescue horses, including ponies, minis, and donkeys. We also get goats out of trouble, and pretty much anything else I can handle [​IMG] I rehab our horses and find them great, hopefully forever, new homes; Although, 11 of them are with us forever. We have 3 dogs - Hummer, Garmin, & Ted, too many horses [​IMG], 6 goats - 4 are fainting goats!, 2 alpacas, 2 mini donkeys, 2 cats, a piggy (yep, she lives inside with us!), and of course our hens... 4 black Australorps, and 2 WC black polish girls. All of our animals are family, and whether they are getting re-homed or not, I care about everybody, and they all get what they need.

    Take a look: www.blueridgestables.org

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