Oh well, Lacy's 2 eggs hatched well and she was a FANTASTIC Mom, but they turned out to be 2 Roos. Cassie was Beautiful. A mix of Old English Game and Polish Fancy and VERY smart. The other, Sammy, turned out to be a pure breed cochin roo, gentle, but not too bright. He was Cassie's right hand guy! He was so pretty and I named him after Samwise Gangy in the Lord of the Rings because his feet were SO big and fuzzy! They were already starting to breed at 5 1/2 months so I had to find them a home quickly. They're now at a place where their only job is to make babies and protect the girls. Happy guys!
Taffy ended up with one egg hatching and thankfully it was a little girl. Her daddy was a Spanish clown face and her real Mom a cochin, but she was pure black when born so I called her Noirie (black). After a few false starts, Taffy got the hang of being a Mom and raised a sweet heart of a girl. She's a little odd looking now, but started laying before she hit 6 months. She's so gentle and loving and she's a wonderful addition to the "family".
My Missy, the head hen, is having a very hard time accepting Lacy and Noirie. I swear, she is So possessive of her original sisters it's not funny, but she's going to have to get over it! Oh, and NOBODY messes with Muppet! And I mean NOBODY. She has turned out to be a great layer and very independent! She finally lost most of her digits on her feet, but kept the 2 middle toes and boy, can she get around! Good for her!