2 Nipple Quart Water Bottle Holder

Handy Dandy!
By aart · May 19, 2015 · Updated May 19, 2015 · ·
  1. aart
    This water bottle has worked very well in the brooder,
    on blocks for height and a very small bungie cord to keep it from being knocked over,
    but I needed a holder for it.

    Something where the bottle could be easily swapped out as I have 2 of them.
    It needed to be easily hung at varying heights too accommodate growing and different sized chickens.

    A chunk of 1x, some 5/16 dowel rod, a modified closet rack hanger and 4 screws...all of which I found in my shop.... got the job done!

    For scale reference, the back piece is 5" wide and 6" high.

    Holes for the dowel rod were a tight enough fit that I could just press them in without gluing.
    I use a drill press to ensure straight and true holes.

    I cut away as much wood as possible under nipples to avoid the wood getting wet.

    I had to file down the hanger to fit into the 1/2" hardware cloth on the coop walls,
    it's very easy to adjust the location.
    It tips forward a bit, which should will help any water drain off the front instead of soaking the wood.

    Tho the bottle is easily swapped out, I've found that I can remove the cap and refill in place.

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  1. we3ernes
    Aart, is that an empty spice jar? Like the kind that has bulk spices? Absolutely love your designs!
    1. aart
      Yeppers, it sure is!
  2. JulesChicks
    Brilliant aart! I love your ideas. I switched to vertical nipples in the brooder (had already bought them) and it's so much better than an open waterer but I hate the flimsy wire that we rigged up. I'm going to come up with a new solution but I love this for the the H-nipples and I love the hook for the wall to make it easy to move up. Great job!

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