2009 to 2017!!!MY Flock, MY Story, MY Life!

  1. Cluckcluck1215
    It's me again.The Chicken Crazed Chicken Addicted Country Maine girl, Kyndra.And this is my story.

    Now, before I begin, let me just say, I was very young when we got our first chickens and a don't remember much, something's might be false.I also don't have baby or Pullet pictures of my first batch, and only Pullet and hen pictures of some of my second batch, I do have some, but they aren't uploaded to my IPad.

    April ? 2009(?)
    My mom, Me, My little baby sister and my father decied to get chickens.Now, keep in mind my mom was raised on the farm, but only with meat birds so she never had experince.
    On May 3rd(?) or 4rth(?)We drove out to our friends house to pick up chicks.We picked up:3 Barred Rocks, 1 Bantam, 1 Easter Egger and 1 Rhode Isaland Red.I feel awful cause we never truly named Red, the RIR, but she is Remembered as Red and one BR is dubbed Rock.So, our BRs were:Bea, Oliva(Liv, Livi)And Rock, Bantam:Speckies, EE:Rain and RIR Red.Red was killed as a Pullet by our dog if I'm correct, accidentally.Fast forward, they were starting to lay and they moved into the coop.Serverl months later, we went out as we heard screeching.They were all missing.We found Bea, Livi and Speckies in a bush hours later.R.I.P Rain, Red and Rock to a Dog and Fisher(?).So, they were all secred again.a Month or so later, Speckies fell ill with crop issues, we knew nothing.One morning I came down, and my mother told me she was dead.R.I.P Speckies.

    Jaunary 28th 2015!!
    We were getting chicks again.Two Easter Eggers, a BA, a BG, a BR and a SLW.We picked them up, Brownie, Sunshine(EEs)Blackie(BA)Wisteriea(BG)and Gwenavar(SLW)

    June 2nd 2015
    So my sister and I came home from visiting my grandparents for a few days, and I saw a couple little yellow qwacky things inside my baby chick pen.I rushed forward, They were ducklings!Runner ducks!A Male and Female, The Female was quickly named DuckDuck and the Male Peep.

    Fast Forward to December 2015
    Gwenavar was killed as soon as the snow came when I left, by a hawk and Sunshine Disapered before that.We were left with Bea, Wisteriea, Brownie, Granite, Livi and Blackie.I came home one night and Livi was dying.She died in my mothers arms.R.I.P Livi


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