Some of the 2011 chicks!!!

Babies hatched out from Mom's flock in 2011- some are also pic'd on the Polish & the Tolbunt pages. Other than the polish & the first EE batch (5 chicks)- most the egg layer pen eggs hatched out of OUR eggs are crosses (some mixed ones we did on purpose even) There are a few that look like pure BLRW chicks since the BL roo & 8 BLRW hens reside in the egg layer room..... the ones that look like pure BLRW probly are. Plus there are a couple that look like pure SS chicks- and several SS mix chicks- so we'll grow them out & see if Jenny sent some of her chicks by mistake with the mixed hatch or what our 10 SS hens threw with the roos in the pen!!
I'll update this with more pics as they age- and the 4-5 week olds move out of the pen that goes under the brooder too!! They can hide alot in that pen- and there are ALOT of chicks in there- but I can't get to all of them!!!