2011 Egg Trades

  1. SundownWaterfowl
    Please read if you will be looking to trade eggs in the Spring/Summer of 2011. I will be looking for breeder or show quality bearded buff silkies, or bearded blue/black/splash silkies. I need to see recent pictures of the parents of the "eggs". Parents must be either breeder or show quality all parents must be bearded. Please email me if you are interested. The Buff Silkies must be kept alone in a cage by color. The blue, black, or splash can be kept together. I don't want mixed colors. Please KNOW that your eggs are infact fertile. Im looking for eggs that come from nice colored silkies, with nice toe and leg feathering. I must see recent pictures of the parent stock, from which the eggs will come from. They must be shipped to me via priority mail with a tracking number, and I will ship them that way to you. I will trade you my bearded buff eggs for your bearded buff, blue, black or splash eggs. I would like to start trading the in beginning of April 2011. If you want to trade, please keep me in mind. Thanks.

    Also, you must be NPIP certified and I will need a vs 9-3 form or a copy of your certificate. If you can't provide those, I will need your NPIP number, but I would perfer a copy or form.

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