We have failed at mixing our flock! But the good news is, we now have a big coop and a little coop. The little coop is inside our little barn. It is for my 6 Americana/Light Barahma's mixed and any other picked on hen. Very happy coop, for now.
Eight successful peeps from our incubator! The peeps are all healthy. They consist of 1/2 Light Barahama and the hens were Silver Laced Wyandott, Barred Rock and Light Barahama.
We have also received an order from a hatchery that consists of Black and White Giants and Aracanas. I wanted the Aracanas and my husband wants to try the Giants. We received a free exotic that did not survive and I have been nursing one black giant that was almost lifeless when we opened the box. Thanks to some good input from the pro's on BYC, she now has a chance if she can recover. I have learned a lot even is she does not survive. (Come on my "Little Tea Cup".)
We have been donating eggs to a local church for a food give away two days per week. At first people did not want to take the farm fresh eggs, but now, they can't keep them from one give away to the next.