3 Black Sex-Links

By afroggie · Nov 1, 2014 · ·
  1. afroggie
    We started our chicken adventure this summer with six Black Sex-Links. All was fine and good with the little ones when a preditor snuck into the yard in the middle of the day and took one and killed two more! That was not a good day. I secured the back fence, mowed down the overgrown shrubs and grasses, and the three have been fine for the months since. Now we are at 22 weeks old in the first week of November in New Hampshire and I am wondering if I will get any eggs. The girls are on layer feed (and have been for over a month) get all the exercise they want and I've added morning and evening light to make it close to 12 hours. Do I need to add heat to their house? Do you think we will get eggs before winter or are we looking toward spring for eggs? I've looked around the yard and do not find any in their usual resting spots. Thank you for your help and great web site!

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  1. ChickenLady2014
    I also have 3 black sex link hen, they were probably 22-23 weeks old before they layed this summer. I still getting a medium sized egg from one of them. The other 2 lay close to a large size. I also have 3 Isa brown hens. They were laying before they were 17 weeks old and they have always layed large eggs. It was recommended to me that if I was going to use artificial lighting to start at 4 a.m. and have the light go off around 5 p.m. I have mine set up on a timer, this has really worked out great for me. Best of luck to you, I think they will lay for you, just on their time lol.
  2. afroggie
    We got our first egg today! Our three are just over 25 weeks old. One started squatting a few days ago and another just yesterday. The third still does not squat.

    The egg layer (Hen Solo - named because she would often go off on her own to explore) joined me in the coop this morning while I was cleaning out some poop. She headed right into the nest box and started poking around and appeared to be having "contractions". I watched for awhile but then thought I should give her some privacy. I checked about a half hour later and she was just sitting there. When I called home at lunch there was an egg!
  3. crazyfeathers
    I also have black sex links. My girls started laying at 18 weeks but it was in the summer but are still laying strong and we are quite cold here in Wisconsin. Chickens are sneaky at hiding eggs I have found them in the most unusual places, inside the feed bin, the pine shavings container, on the empty feed bags, in the garage behind the big tool box as well as the window sill. Just when you think you know all of their hiding places you will stumble upon another one. If your chickens are not free range I apologize for rambling. They should lay soon after their molt, sex links are egg laying machines. Good luck

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