3 Hens and Rhonda

By JessHeller · Aug 10, 2015 · ·
  1. JessHeller
    When my son came to me in March and said he wanted chickens I thought it was a great idea. He wants to pursue culinary after school and is very interested in its farm to table aspect. Our city, Longmont Co, a few years ago passed the law allowing backyard chickens; never did I realize just how much I'd come to love these funny birds and enjoy just sitting and watching them.

    We have 2 Australops: Mama (the larger one and first to lay) and Pam. A New Hampshire Red, Mathilda, and an Egyptian Fayoumi named Rhonda. Rhonda is the rooster of the flock and keeps the other girls in line and directs activity as they free range around the backyard. We have 2 dogs who have come to accept them without issue as well as 2 cats that will sit and watch them but have no interest in trying to make them a snack - much too big with way too long talons.

    Everyone up!
    Escapees - Rhonda, Mama, Mathilda and Pam.
    Mama in the sun
    Rhonda napping under the Delphiniums

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  1. N F C
    Pretty girls! Good luck to your DS with his goals and I'm glad you're enjoying your flock!

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