On Tuesday May 19, 2009 I found out from my really cool Vet that the small town co-op down the road was selling good egg laying breeds. I called them and sure enough they were.
I rushed down there to get some. I only had enough money to buy 3 but I dont want lots of chickens anyways since we wont be butchering them.
They had 3 breeds so I got 1 of each all which are good egg layers.
They are:
-black australorp
-silver laced wyandotte
-barred rock
Next week they will have in those americanas chickens that lay the colorful eggs. They are commonly called easter egg chickens I think. I want to get 1-3 of those if I can. I am researching to make sure their egg laying production is good before I go and buy them.
The 3 chicks seem so small compared to the cornish rocks. They seem a bit more brighter too. They are 1 week old today and like to perch and preen. They already have wing feathers too and the beginings of tail feathers.
It will be exciting to see how they turn out. Right now the barred rock kind of looks like a killdeer bird.
The 1st day we brought them home we put them in that dog kennel cage thing with the cornish rocks but they got stepped on by the cornish rocks and had a hard time getting enough food before the cornish rocks ate it all. Plus the 3 birds were small enough to squeeze out inbetween the bars of the pen and cage which was not a good thing.
I cant wait to have some farm fresh eggs again.