3rd Annual Mahonri Easter Hatch Contests

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  1. kathyinmo
    Mahonri's 3rd Annual BYC Easter Hatch-A-Long Contests

    Mahonri's Hatch-A-Long thread is HERE.
    Open Contests:

    Closed/Completed Contests:

    1. CayuseRanch's [​IMG] Total Number of Eggs Set Contest
    This contest is open to all participants to guess the total number of eggs that will be set by all participants in Mahonri's 3rd Annual BYC Easter Hatch-a-long! Each participant is to fill out the spreadsheet with their guess as to the total number of eggs that participants will be placing in their incubators for this hatch. All "guesses" must be submitted no later than Midnight EST, Sunday March 11th. Please submit your total number of eggs set to the spreadsheet by Midnight EST Tuesday, March 20th so we can tally up what was set and declare a winner. The person who comes closest to guessing the total number without going over will win a beautiful rooster egg basket.
    Go here to submit your guess for the number of eggs set.
    With a guess of 11,000 the winner is JEH1984
    Total number of eggs set was 11,187!
    Congratulations JEH1984

    2. otinoz2007's N[​IMG] Random Entrant Award
    On set date (17 March 2012) Notinoz2007 will randomly select one entrant from the signed up pool on the first post page to receive the prize.
    Prize: coffee mug and stuffed chick toy

    3. Notafarm's [​IMG] An Opportune Time Award
    Three random post numbers have been chosen (known only to NotAFarm and SCG). The person who posts at that "opportune time" gets the award. You need not be a hatch participant to win this.
    Prizes: Each post winner will receive a 6 mo GFM
    Winner 1: The Chickeneer
    Winner 2: Arielle
    Winner 3: 1muttsfan
    4. ChestnutRidge's [​IMG] Most Ingenious Chicken Design Contest WEEK ONE CONTEST
    During week 1 of incubation (17 to 23 March), post a picture and brief explanation of your cool brooder / feeder / waterer / saddle / whatever that you created for your fowl. Once the contest ends they'll be put on a BYC poll for the kind folk of BYC to vote for a winner. Submissions can be seen HERE.
    Prize: A copy of Gail Damerow's Chicken Health Handbook, which he/she will surely appreciate being such a witty chicken-fancier.
    WINNER: Debs_flock with her use of pipe insulation to wrap shipping eggs!!!!
    5. Caption That Photo [​IMG] Contest WEEK ONE CONTEST
    A photo to caption will be posted on the Easter Hatch Thread on Saturday 17 March 2012 - see it in post 5477. Captions must be submitted to the Easter Hatch Thread by midnight on 23 March 2012. This contest is for the best caption/thought bubbles/explanation to the photo posted. Make us laugh, y'all! Get help captioning here:
    VOTE HERE for your favorite caption
    Prize: A dozen Welsummer eggs from Happy Chooks! Note: Recipient should pick time to receive these eggs, no earlier than Summer, Fall preferred.
    WINNER: Cattitude
    6. Laree's [​IMG]A Random Poster Award
    Laree will use a random number generator to pick a random post. The contestant that posted on that unknown number wins!
    Prize: An Easter stamping set will be shipped out for Easter.
    WINNER: Cynthia12!
    7. Thebirdguy's [​IMG] Cutest Baby Picture Contest WEEK TWO CONTEST
    Pictures can be of a baby of any breed or species but the picture must be taken by the entrant. Limit 3 entries per person. Contest is open only during week two: 24 to 30 March. OPEN TO ALL OF BYC, NOT JUST THE HATCHERS! Post your picture in the Easter Hatch Thread and PM it to Thebirdguy!
    Winner: Barngoddess01
    Prize: 12 raffle tickets for the Rocky Mountain Chickenstock on May 5th where Greenfire Eggs and much much more can be won. FMI: click here.
    WINNER: TIE VOTE - Barngoddess01 and kathyinmo. Kathy defers to Barngoddess01.
    8. Kellyn's [​IMG] Best Incubator Design Contest WEEK TWO CONTEST
    The contest is for the best incubator or hatcher design/picture. It must be your own incubator or design and photo. Up to 3 entries per person; hatchers and non hatchers alike can participate. Post your design/picture on the Easter Hatch Thread and also PM it to Kellyn. Contest is open only during week two: 24 to 30 March. See entries HERE
    Prizes: All original drawings from Kellyn
    1st: the best drawing she has, or whatever the winner wants her to draw.
    2nd: drawing of an abstract flower
    3rd: a drawing of a bird, may or may not be abstract.
    1st: JavaGirl2
    2nd: nightowl223
    3rd: kvmommy
    9. The Sheriff's[​IMG] Egg Art Contest
    Show us your creativity! Decorate quail, chicken, duck, turkey or emu eggs with a felt marker. Further instructions and submissions (entries) can be found HERE. You must post your entry on the hatching thread AND you must PM The Sheriff with your entry.
    Entries must be submitted by lockdown, April 4th by 5:00 p.m. PST
    You need not be a participant in the Easter Hatch-a-long to enter the contest or vote for the winner.

    See the votes for the winner HERE
    Prize: 6 blue isbar hatching eggs plus shipping... a 90$ value!
    WINNER: tie - azamazal and kathyinmo

    10. ChooksChick [​IMG]Flapper Contest [​IMG]WEEK THREE CONTEST
    Post a picture of your fowl flapping in action! All fowl are accepted. It's difficult to get these shots, so start trying! Submissions must be taken by entrant. Post your shots between 31 March and 6 April and also PM to ChooksChick. A BYC poll will be open to decide the winner after the contests closes to submissions. OPEN TO ALL OF BYC, NOT JUST THE HATCHERS!
    See entries HERE Vote HERE
    WINNER: BrettMo's Paratrooper

    Prize: iron bell

    11. How Many Chicks [​IMG] Will Mahonri Hatch?
    Your guess needs to be made before 11:59:59PM on March 24th, 2012. Fill out the form HERE
    In order to help break a tie, You'll need to guess the breeds of the first three chicks out. If you want to know what breeds are in Mahonri's bators see Post # 1! Laree will be putting up a spreadsheet for the # of guesses and the first three breeds.
    Prize: a 6 month GFM!
    WINNER: TIE! Egghead_JR and mlmddh! ! !

    12. Crazypetlady's [​IMG] Poultry Short Story Contest WEEK THREE CONTEST
    Write a less than 500 word short story regarding and starring poultry. You must include a picture or a drawing of one of the characters. Post your short story on the hatching thread and PM it to crazypetlady between 31 March and 6 April. A BYC poll will be made with the entries for voting. This contest is open to hatchers and non-hatchers, alike.
    Prize: 6+ serama hatching eggs courtesy of crazypetlady!
    WINNER: Fuzzybird

    13. ChookChick's [​IMG]Celebrity Chicken Look Alike Contest
    Open from Set Date 03.17.2012 to Easter.
    It's a Celebrity Chicken Contest! You will need to post a picture that you took of a fowl that you own that looks like a celebrity. You will also need to post a picture of your look-alike celebrity for comparison, although you do not need to take that picture (just don't break any copyright laws in your quest!). You may photoshop the pictures slightly, but only to add props or background to aid in your look-alike. ChooksChick to be sole arbiter of any issues. Previously submitted entries for Celeb Chicken Look Alike Contests not accepted. Also PM your entry to ChooksChick. OPEN TO ALL OF BYC, NOT JUST THE HATCHERS!
    Submissions are viewed HERE
    Vote HERE.
    Prize: a dozen FBCM eggs, with shipping from Arielle
    WINNER: Cynthia12
    14. Kathyinmo's [​IMG] "Holiday Poultry" Calendar Photo Contest
    The goal is to make a poultry and holiday themed calendar. Submit your poultry related holiday pictures - all ranges of poultry age accepted. You will need to submit your photos on this thread as well as PM them to kathyinmo. Submission of your picture(s) to this thread and to kathyinmo means that you are giving permission to use your photo in a calendar printing. Photos must be taken by you, the entrant. Contest runs until Tuesday, April 10. Limit of 3 entries per person. Photos can be seen HERE. Please note which month-holiday you are submitting your photo for. This contest is for participants of the 3rd annual Easter Hatch only.
    Prize: A calendar (made from the photos, if we have enough entries [12 months] to make one!)
    WINNER: #21 tbitt
    15. Brinsea's [​IMG] Guess How Many Eggs We Will Hatch?
    Think you can figure out how many chicks will hatch during the Easter Hatch? HEREPLEASE REPORT THE NUMBER OF CHICKS YOU HATCHED ----> (this link is now unlinked)
    THIS NUMBER NEEDS TO BE REPORTED BY APRIL 11TH, 2012 AT 11:59:59PM "Mahonri time" MST. This contest is open to all BYC members.
    Prize: First place: Brinsea Mini Advance Incubator courtesy of Brinsea! Check out what it can do HERE


    Thanks to http://www.Brinsea.com for providing us with this great prize!
    Second place prize:
    6+ EE's hatching eggs from Hot2Pot
    1ST PLACE WINNER:silkymom1986
    2ND PLACE WINNER:LeasureChix
    Both winners guessed 2900, which was 3 over the 2897 reported by the time due.
    silkymom1986 cast her vote before LeasureChix, so she wins. Folks who reported their numbers after midnight April 11 were not counted because the rules stated that you had to report by April 11 midnight.
    16. 1muttsfan's [​IMG] Small Batch Best Hatch Rate
    This contest is for those hatching less than 24 eggs - we don't want to punish those who have not caught the Big Batch Fever yet!
    Hatch contestants may set up to 23 eggs. Post a picture on set day showing the number of eggs you have set and also fill out the hatching spreadsheet with that amount. These eggs may be under a broody or in an incubator. You must post your picture and your number in the spreadsheet by Monday, March 19th to be entered in the contest. When the hatch is over, post one picture showing clearly the number of chicks you hatched and fill out the spreadsheet. You must have your pictures and spreadsheet filled out by 3 days after hatch date. Best hatch rate wins! In the event of a tie, the winner will be chosen by random drawing.
    Prize: a 6 month GFM
    WINNER: SChunn
    17. Best Hatch Rate [​IMG]
    For this contest during this hatch, participants will need to be setting a minimum of 24 eggs, with confirmation picture posted to this thread on set day. These can be under a couple of broodies or in your incubators. Tell us how many you will have cooking and then don't go back and edit your post where you tell us how many eggs you start with. We'll need that info by Monday the 19th of March at latest to be included in the contest. When the hatch is over, you'll take a pic and post it to show us how many you actually got...the picture must be of sufficient quality to count all the chicks. In the event of a tie, the one who hatches the most chicks wins.
    Prize: a 6 month GFM!
    WINNER: SPANGLED! Fulfilling all of the requirements with a hatch rate of 88.89%. WAHOO!!!... and of course she did it in a Brinsea! [​IMG]
    18. Notinoz2007's [​IMG] Worst Hatch Rate Consolation Prize
    This hatch is for those of you with bad luck this hatch. You'll need to post how many eggs you're cooking in the spreadsheet by 19 March 2012, 11:59:59 EST and post a picture of your incubator or broody if possible in the thread by that date, also. When the hatch is declared over, post the number of chicks you hatched as a picture and fill out the spreadsheet. You must have filled out the spreadsheet and posted your pictures by 3 days after hatch date when the hatch is over.
    Prize: a cute hand crocheted chicken!

    19. [​IMG] Best Overall Hatch Participant [​IMG]
    At the end of the hatch, PM your choice for best hatch participant to Mahonri. This should be someone who you thought was supportive, helpful, funny, encouraging... The person with the most votes wins! Votes will start on April 10th and end on April 12th, 2012.
    Prize: a 6 month GFM!

    20. utest C [​IMG] Chick Picture
    For this contest, the chick hatched must be from Mahonri's 3rd Annual BYC Easter Hatch. The picture will need to be taken and posted by or before 11:59PM EST on April 15th, 2012. We'll be asking folks in the hatch as well as some moderators to help judge if they are willing. There will be 1st and 2nd place awards given.
    See entries HERE
    Prizes: a 6 month GFM!
    WINNER 1: BBAcres
    WINNER 2: lilstar

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