From Message Board member Kent in WA:
"You can make free waterers and feeders for about $4. Check at your local grocery store. If they have a deli or bakery then ask for their buckets. My local Albertsons has all the free buckets you'll ever need. I've picked up a couple dozen 2.5 - 5 gallon buckets.
Buy a 20 inch plastic planter base ($4) and drill 1" holes all the way around the base of the bucket. Bolt the planter base to the bucket. 5 gal bucket will hold about 40 lbs of feed. If you have lots of free buckets a quick waterer can be made from a 5 gal bucket in about 5 mins. You need a 2 inch hole saw bit, I use the one I bought for installing a door knob. Drill 2 inch holes all the way around the top of the bucket.
Birds will be able to stick their heads in the bucket to reach the water. They will hold about 3 gals of water. Hey for nothing you can't beat that!"


From Message Board member Utah:
"I have used this waterer for about 20 birds. It sits on two cynder blocks (or however you spell it) - And in one of the holes in the block I put an extension cord with a 25 or 40 watt bulb screwed into one of those adapters that allows you to just plug it into the extension cord. It costs about $2.00 for the bulb adaptor, $3.00 for the cord, And below you see I have an oil pan that was $4.00, and the bucket with lid was free - it is a 6 gallon bucket.
All I did was drill a half inch hole about 2 inches from the top of the bucket to allow water flow into the pan, and just pound the lid on for the seal, then place it upside down in the pan. The oil pans are about 4 inches deep so there is room for mistakes. And with the bulb underneath for heat, this works out great for my 20 birds. It lasts about one week with water."


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