The girls had a great time at fair as usual!
Here's Megan, her first year doing Fit and Show as a Junior. It was such a large group of kids, they had to do two groups and then had call backs for the final round. Megan was thrilled to get a call back her first time doing competitive Showmanship!
Here she is with her Mottled Bantam Cochin "Speck":

Here's Shannon on the left and a very close friend on her right. This is their last year as Junior's and they were competing against Megan and a lot of other kids!

Here's Shannon answering a question for the Judge. The judge was a past 4-H member who aged out last year, and used to fill the barn with all his birds and take home all the trophy's. We were all glad to see him back at fair as a Judge!

Guess who won?!!?? Shannon won Champion and her friend won reserve, and that's Megan there on the right again.

Shannon with her OEGB Crele pullet:

Then Emily competed at the Senior level, but had some amazing competition in this round and earned a blue ribbon.

Then for Type, Shannon chose to bring my older pair of Blue Laced Red Wyandottes, and they did awesome!
Here's Shannon with our Cockerel Wyatt who won Champion Large Fowl Cockerel:

And here's Shannon with our pullet Wynona, who also won Champion Large Fowl Pullet ...AND...Reserve Best in Show!!!