1. Breeding Good Quality Rhode Island Reds and Black Sexlinks.
I love chickens. I currently own 14 chickens, 1 dog and 3 cats. :) I live in TN right close to the Smokies. My dream is to own a horse someday. My favorite breed of horse is the Friesian. Got a family of cats from work! They are so pretty and friendly. I named the momma cat Shade and her kittens Cinderblock and Silver.
My Great Pyr. Koda


My Rhode Island Red Rooster Rusty. (RIP)


My prize winning Easter Egger hen Marshmallow.


I have LOADS of other pictures of my chickens but I am going to get a picture of the entire flock together sometime soon. I just got a new RIR cockeral named Rocky. He looks a whole lot like Rusty. He's a bit wild now but I'll tame him down soon.

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