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    Here is a chart of 48 chicken breeds and their egg color. This chart only shows 48 chicken breeds.There are many more breeds.

    those are 48 breeds and there egg color now you will learn 1 or 2 facts about each one of those breeds!

    Americana: These birds have a poofy beard and poofy cheeks. They are medium sized with a pea comb.
    this is a picture of an americana rooster:

    Ancona: These chickens have a color pattern of black with white spots. These birds are great layers and do good in the winter.

    Andalusian:This breed of chicken is very rare though are great layers. They lay large white eggs. This breed is medium in size and has a normal single comb.

    Antwarp Belgian Bantam: They have a rose comb and are common chickens. They are not great in cold weather and are very sweet!

    Appenzeller Spitzhauben: This chicken is the national breed of Switzerland though they are still a rare breed. They have a special v shaped comb

    Araucana: These birds lay medium sized eggs and are great layers. They have a pea comb and are very rare because they are hard to breed.

    Aseel: These are an ancient breed from India. They are very rare.

    Australorp: Australorps are very sweet and are very common birds. They are excellent egg layers too.
    this a picture of 2 Australorp chicks:
    Here is a pic of a grown Australorp:

    Barnevelder: These chickens are medium in size and a common breed. They are good layers and have large sized eggs.

    Belgian Bearded d'Uccle Bantam: These are common birds. They have feathers on their feet and have a sweet personality.

    Booted Bantam: These chickens are rare and look just like the Belgian Bearded d'uccle Bantam but the Booted Bantams have no beard.

    Brahama: These birds have a pea comb and beautiful feathers on their feet. Their personality is sweet and usually very quiet.

    Campine: These birds are good layers and lay medium eggs. They are intelligent and do great in cold winters.

    Catalana: These birds are common in Spain and South America but not in North America. They are amazing layers and very active birds.

    Chantecler: These birds are very common and known for being the first ever Canadian breed.

    Cochin: Cochins are a Chinese breede they are very friendly and make fabulous moms.

    Cornish: These are common meat birds and poor layers.

    Crevecoeur:This breed is very rare and today is mostly used for showing.

    Cubalaya: These are rare chickens mostly kept in Cuba. They are known for their beautiful tail feathers.

    Delaware: These are rare chickens and very good layers.

    Dominique: This breed is a lot like a Barred Rock but Dominques have a wonderful pea comb.

    Dorking: The Dorking is a rare breed and are large in size.

    Easter Eggers: These chickens have a pea comb and are great layers.

    Faverolles: These are rare birds with 5 toes not 4 but 5 toes!

    Fayoumi:The Fayoumi is an Egyptian breed they are very alert and tend to be untame.

    Hamburg: These are active birds that love to live in a free range home.

    Holland: This breed is a large bird weighing 6 or 7 pounds.

    Houdan: The Houdan is a rare breed that comes from France. They have adorable feathers coming off their little heads.

    Japenese Bantam: The Japanese Bantam is only a Bantam they do not come in a large size. This breed is white with a pretty black tail.

    Java: This breed is very rare. They are very pretty and are very sweet.

    Jersy Giant: This breed is the largest breed of chicken and lay extra large brown eggs.

    La Fleche: This bird is a rare breed and makes a good layer.

    Lakenvelder: These birds come in bantam and large. they are also rare.

    Langshan: These are common birds and tend to be calm.

    Legbar: These chickens are extremely rare in the United States and make good layers.

    Leghorn: This is a common breed and make excellent layers and are not great moms.

    Malay: This breed is rare and has a bad reputation for being aggressive.

    Marans: These are rare chickens that lay large beautiful dark brown eggs.

    Mincora: This breed makes a good layer and lays large sized eggs.

    Modern Game: These chickens are very common and are poor layers. They are mostly for show.

    Naked Neck: This is a common breed with no feathers on their neck and come in about 4 different colors.

    New Hampshire Red: This breed looks like a Rhode Island Red though they are 2 different breeds.

    Orpington: This breed is very friendly so they make great pets. They are good layers and are very common. The most common Orpington is the Buff Orpington. here is a picture of a baby Buff Orpington:
    here is a grown Buff Orpington:

    Penedesenca: This is a Spanish breed. They are very rare and not very tame chickens.

    Phoenix: These birds make wonderful looking roosters with amazing tails.They are Japanese chickens. They are Bantams and poor layers.

    Plymouth Rock: These birds are also know as Barred Rock. They lay very well. They are commonly grey and a lighter grey.

    Polish: These are pretty birds. They have crazy feathers on their head. They come in many colors and are ok layers.

    Rhode Island Red: This breed is extremely common and make perfect egg layers. They lay extra large eggs and are a pretty dark red color. here is a picture of a young (not a chick) Rhode Island Red:

    Here is a grown Rhode Island Red:

    Now you know 48 breeds and their egg color and 1 or 2 facts about 48 breeds!

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  1. bluebirdnanny
    Nice general info, Except the listed Rhode Island Red is a Production Red, which is crossbred to favor 'egg production' and is shorter lived than a Bred to the Standard Rhode Island Red. They are sold by Hatcheries and Feed stores.
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    Wow!! Great and helpful facts!
    Good facts!! :D
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