Wife to an amazing man, who is my best friend and I'm a mommy to two girls (5y/o & 13m/o) Mama Hen to 6 beautiful yard chickens 2 Delawares (Peachy & Rose) 2 Rhode Island Reds (PalmTree & Apple) 2 Cinnamon Queens (Sugar & Spice) 2 RedEared Sliders (Myrtle & Castle) And a “Shorkie” (Shih Tzu - Yorkie) named Bunni Live, Laugh, and Love with ALL that you have...We do! Michael & I met March of 2009, at a company we both worked for in different departments. I waited a few months before I made the decision to introduce him to My daughter Emily (Born April 7th 2006). He devotedly accepted Emily as his little girl & cannot wait to adopt her next year. She had quickly requested him to be her Daddy & is excited to take his last name! We were married May 1st 2010. We are excited to share we have chosen to add to our family: Easter we bought a dog, , she is very outgoing and absolutely is part of the Brat Clan. We also are delighted to share the birth of our new Baby Girl Izabella Nikol Bratovich(Born September 22, 2010)Michael is for sure a proud daddy of our 2 girls and I love almost every minute of being able to stay home and raise them :) There is without a doubt more to share with our many wonderful plans for our family and our future. We very much look forward to sharing those events with you as they come.