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By 4H gal · Jun 30, 2013 · Updated Jun 30, 2013 · ·
  1. 4H gal
    [​IMG]This is my meat birds.

    [​IMG]These are my little Buff Orpingtons. I raised them from little chicks and look how big they have gotten. It is hard to believe I held them in the palm of my hand!!

    [​IMG]This is my Barred Rock named Clorece every time I want to pick here up she sits down for me!!

    [​IMG]This is my Buff Orpington named June she is hopefully got an egg for us!!!

    [​IMG]This is my Buff Orpington named May she is a little camera shy.

    [​IMG]This is my little Bonnet. She is eating a nice, juicy, cherry for the camera.

    [​IMG]This is my Buff Orpingtons Sandy and May. Their looking at me like 'What are you doing'?

    [​IMG]Here are my little Buffs.

    [​IMG]This is my Buff Orpington Eleanor. She loves getting here picture taken.

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  1. 4H gal
    I used to have rooster
  2. redrooster99
    beutiful do u have a roo
  3. Whittni
    Thanks for sharing!

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