First notice how I said rooster. Not rescue a hen. A rooster. Of course I want you to rescue any sort of poultry that needs a new home but in this article I am specifically talking about rescuing a rooster. If you live somewhere where you're not aloud to keep roosters then check out rescuing a battery hen. Anyway, to the article!

Reason 1:
What is a rooster? Is it just a loud crowing chicken that the only reason you'd have one is for breeding? No! Listen to your polish, or your Rhode island red, or your buff orpington hen and say that your rooster is louder than that loud squawking chorus. Roosters aren't as loud as people exaggerate them to be.

Reason 2:
Lots of roosters that can't find a new home get slaughtered. I can't stand the idea of that. Especially a bantam rooster. Imagine a little sebright roo with its wings that are too big for its tiny little body having to get killed because no one wanted to take it. Or imagine a big cuddly rooster that its loving owners had to sadly and painfully sell to a butcher shop because they couldn't find a home for their beloved family pet.

Still not convinced? Continue reading.

Reason 3:
What if you want to rescue a rooster but your worried that its going to be aggressive? Well, I recommend you read the guide to roosters, or at least part of it, its very long.

Reason 4:
Want to rescue some roosters but don't have anywhere to put them? Try keeping a rooster flock which is a flock that is all roosters.

Reason 5:
Where would you rescue a rooster from? Check out here, here, your state thread, and your local feed stores and animal shelters.