5 reasons why your chickens may have slowed down in laying.

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  1. alexa009
    Most chickens are known to be egg-laying machines while others aren't, But do you ever notice that one of your birds is really slowing down or isn't laying at all? There may be multiple reasons why your chickens have stopped egg-production. Let's look at some reasons why.
    1: Summer Heat:
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    Chickens egg-production really slows down in the summer, right now only half of my hens are producing because of the heat. Chickens are not to be moved around and handled it can put them under stress and make them really hot, chickens even get stressed out going in the coop in such hot weather, chickens have the best egg-production between 50-75 degrees.
    If you are having problems with your chickens handling the heat then check out another one of my articles on how to keep your chickens cool this summer.
    2: Molting season:
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    Don't worry, chickens not laying when molting is a natural thing for all birds in the fall, They are going through the process of shedding their feathers and are re-growing new ones which takes all the energy from egg-laying and goes into molting. The only thing you can do for them is try to keep them on high protein that keeps them energetic.
    3: Winter:
    A reason why your chicken may stop laying in winter is because there is not daylight to keep her laying, some breeds even stop laying because of the cold. Cold weather will slow her down because their the energy in their body resources to keeping them warm rather than producing eggs.
    4: Not enough protein:
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    Make sure your chickens are on a healthy diet and a great lack of protein, if chickens are being fed anything else instead of their feed then their egg-production can go way off. There is layer feed that is especially made for chickens because it keeps their egg-production high since it is has a lot of calcium and protein. Their feed may come in pellets, crumbles or mash form but keep them strictly on it.
    5: Not enough water:
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    Especially keep up on water, Chickens going even a few hours without water can really slow egg-production down. Also if its winter make sure their water doesn't freeze! It is also responsible to keep their water clean, After water sits for a while chickens tend not to drink it. As long as they get enough it means they are good. A sign your chicken may not be getting enough water is if they keep yawning... or it can also mean they are tired.
    There are reasons too such as being broody and more....
    Good luck with your chickens! ~Alexa~

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    Well written and nice pictures!

    the article could be updated to add other reasons for less eggs like illness
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    This is a nice basic article with some good explanations for poor laying. I think there might be other reasons as well, such as parasites, illnesses and age.


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    More reasons to stop or diminish laying:
    6 Red mite and other parasites
    7 Being broody
    8 Diseases
    9 Getting older
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