5 tips to keeping your chickens cool this summer.

By KaylorFarms · May 26, 2017 · ·
  1. KaylorFarms
    Its sad loosing a chicken to the heat, last year I lost one of mine to the heat, so I want to help other chicken keepers to keep their chickens cool this summer! Here are 5 tips to keeping your chickens cool this summer!

    1. Fill up a milk jug with water and freeze it. Chickens love to lean against it when its hot.

    2. Cut a watermelon in half and freeze it. It makes a great treat for a hot day!

    3. Fill up your ice cube trays with water. Put some mint or cut up your chickens favorite fruit and put it in the water filled ice cube trays. Freeze them and throw them to your chickens! They'll love you forever!

    4. Buy a mini fan, turn it on and put it in your coop when your chickens are going in the coop for the night. This will keep the air flowing in your coop and your chickens cool.

    5. Buy some diatamaceous earth and put it in a shady spot in your chicken pen. The chickens will dust bathe in it to keep themselves cool and it will also get rid of mites.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Hope this was helpful to all the chicken owners out there!

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  1. MrsAuberry00
    Can you put dried mint in the cubes or should it be fresh? Does it matter?
    1. KaylorFarms
      You can put dried or frseh mint in. But I recommend fresh
  2. KaylorFarms
    Thanks!!! Yes! We put ice in our hens water last year. I'll put that in my article
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  3. mustangrooster
    Nice article. I would recommend adding ice to your bird's water in the heat. A chicken will not drink water higher than its body temp in the heat of the day. Also would recommend scattering water containers around, having just one will decrease the amount of water your chicken drinks during the heat, they aren't going to travel a long distance to get their water if it's really hot. If you have more than one it will be easier for your chickens to access it.
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  4. Whittni
    Corn is the wrong thing to feed any animal when you're trying to lower their temperature. You should alter the article to peas/cucumbers or a different cooler feed. -->
  5. KaylorFarms
    I hope you all enjoyed this! Write a comment if you want

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