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50 Pictures of my Flock-Winter-Spring Edition-Checklist!

By Chickenfan4life · Jan 30, 2013 · Updated Feb 16, 2013 · ·
  1. Chickenfan4life
    1. (The first picture of the season!)(X)
    2. what hens do in the run(X)
    3. wattle-close-up
    4. a broody glare(X)
    5. fuzzy butts
    6. chicken bed-time(X)
    7. a lucky hen
    8. new additions
    9. a yummy meal
    10. a really fresh egg(X)
    11. a naughty hen
    12. the first free-range of the year
    13. an unlucky hen
    14. top hen
    15. a hen-squat
    16. the wettest crest(X)
    17. reading with chickens
    18. sunbathing hens
    19. a hen where she ought not be(X)
    20. a lap chicken
    21. a refreshing drink
    22. a interview with a chicken
    23. a chicken gift
    24. a crow of victory
    25. the smallest bantam
    26. an odd egg (X)
    27. chickens ‘flying’
    28. a chicken swarm(X)
    29. some cute chickens
    30. the most eggs in one box by the hens
    31. preen time
    32. a warm winter snack(X)
    33. a first-time snack(X)
    34. a rooster
    35. a visitor
    36. roost buddies(X)
    37. the ‘Bird-Eye’(X)
    38. a chicken sunset
    39. a hen coming over(X)
    40. a hen running AWAY!
    41. a pretty lady
    42. the stinkiest stink-eye
    43. the cutest stink-eye
    44. what hens do in the rain(X)
    45 A hen on the loose
    46. one sopping wet hen
    47. a bad rooster
    48. loose feathers(X)
    49. evidence!(X)

    50. (The last picture of the season!)

    This is my checklist, that I will use to check off what themes I have completed/taken pictures of. [​IMG]

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  1. applegal
    interview with chicken... LOL

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