Welcome to my page.

I have been in the military and worked in the private sector as a communications tech and "electronic repair all" for quite awhile. Since I am not being challenged by my work any longer I fugre I would develop a new hobby so I decided to make a farm from nothing into something. This farm idea is a micro project, compared to a full size farm, I have been working on for the last year. I jumped in and started looking for all the tools I wanted but never had taken the time to gather -Craigslist bandit-. First I got a tiller for 75$ and an almost full shop setup for 200$. Right now I have everything I need to repair this place all but a welder which is next on the hit list. So with the idea of the farm came the question of why do you want a farm? the answer is that I want a retirement where I will have lots of things to keep me occupied and possibly makes some cash on the side while doing it. Right off I have a goal, have this place setup and running in 35 years to the point of self sustained meat production and minimal out side sourcing on vegtables,fruit, and spices. Welcome to my life and projects, well the parts I post atleast.

P.s on this wacky trip I have a wonderful wife, twin boys, and a little girl.