My chickens hanging out on the deck enjoying fall in Vermont

Zelda - Barred Rock; Henny Penny - Americauna; Goodie (for Lady Godiva, or milk and dark chocolate-colored) - Welsummer; Lily - Americuana; Tawny - Americuana; Tootsie (tootsie-roll colored) - Welsummer; Betsy - Barred Rock. The Americuanas are 2.5 years old and the others just about 6 months, but they are laying nicely. The eggs are a range of blue/green and light tan to brick red -- lovely collection -- but the new girls' eggs are still very small.

I saw them out there so I got the camera and took a few shots. Then I got too close, and they all flew away, but I only captured Lily, who went last...here she is