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By 6littlechickies · Jan 11, 2012 · ·
  1. 6littlechickies
    We live in Northeast Ohio on a three acre lot. We built our house here in 2005 and have been slowly working the land to create our dream farm! We raise chickens, pheasants and peafowl but have also acquired a few other farm animals (much to our three kids delight) along the way. We have black copper marans, blue, black and splash Ameraucana, some Olive Eggers and bantam Russian Orloff's. We also have a small flock of red golden pheasants that are so beautiful and interesting to watch. Our adventure info peafowl started with just a few peachicks at a local farm. We soon learned we were also quite enamored with them and have since expanded to include several patterns and colors.

    We do sell hatching eggs, chicks when available and peafowl. You can find our current price list and any birds avaialbe at our website http://www.loudenfarms.com

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  1. B J Hopkins
    I see you sell eggs. I've not heard much good about shipped eggs. Do you ship chicks?

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