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8 tips how to keep your chickens cool this summer.

If anyone has any questions about chickens ask me in a pm and I will answer it for you!;)
  1. alexa009
    Here is 8 basic tips to keeping your chickens cool this summer.
    1: Keep up on water.
    Keep up on water regularly because summer is hot this year and chickens need water more than 3 times an hour in the summer.

    2: Let chickens dust bathe.
    Dust bathing is important for chickens because it cools them off and prevents mites.

    3: Let air in coop. DSC08590 (2).JPG
    You need to have air get into coop during the day and night so air gets in and circulates around the coop and the chickens get air.

    4: Let chickens free range.
    DSC08680 (2).JPG
    This is optional but it is good to let chickens free range to get air and also get shade and food.

    5: Let chickens get shade :
    Shade is important for chickens because it blocks the sun and keeps them cool.

    6: Let them have grass.
    Another thing that is an optional. It is good for them to have it because it keeps them refreshed and is good for them.

    7: Keep eggs out of coop.
    It is important to also take eggs out of coop because you could spoil the chicken and spoil the egg. Don't use eggs if in heat for a long time. Chickens will also try to hatch them and they could die from heat exhaustion.

    8: Keep coop and pen clean.
    It is especially important to keep the coop clean so chickens aren't so hot and aren't inhaling poop.

    Some of this optional and some of isn't.
    I hope this helps though!

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    If anyone has any questions about chickens ask me in a pm and I will answer it for you!;)


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  1. alexa009
    Thank you! I had a chicken die last summer and couple others almost because of the heat. That is why I created this article.:)
  2. Whittni

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