Old, or otherwise unused sheds of all shapes and sizes have great potential to be converted into chicken coops as these members have done.

1. The Chicken Palace

With some well thought out plans these Honeymooners Turned an Old Garden Shed into a Chicken Palace


2. The Pepparkakor Hönshus (Gingerbread Henhouse)

From yucky to poopy to chocolate box pretty. The Pepparkakor Hönshus (Gingerbread Henhouse) came a long way!

Gingerbread Chicken Coop_Fotor.jpg

3. The Retrofit Shed Coop

A practical shed to coop conversion with great tips for doing your own. Get some inspiration from the Featherdust Flock: Retrofit Shed Coop


4. The Plastic Shed Chicken Coop

If "practical", "low maintenance" and "time saving" is on your list of requirements for a coop, this Plastic Shed Chicken Coop is for you!


5. The Barn Shed Coop

An old barn type shed is the perfect foundation for a large chicken coop! Check out the Barn Shed Coop for inspiration.


6. Repurposed Garden Shed to Quaint Coop

That old shed at the bottom of the garden can be up cycled into a practical and very attractive coop as the Repurposed Garden Shed to Quaint Coop shows.


7. The Playhouse/Shed

From kids' playhouse to storage shed to chicken coop! The Playhouse/Shed that keeps on giving!


8. The Toy Shed Conversion

An unused metal shed can make a great predator proof chicken coop as shown with this Toy Shed Conversion


9. The Vintage Nest

The Vintage Nest is a great example of trash to treasure, or rather, from old goat shed to a coop so pretty, you'd want to live in there yourself!


So, have you got an old shed sitting around doing nothing, just waiting to be turned into a lovely coop? Hope these pages inspired you! Which one was your favourite conversion? Let us know in the comments below.
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