My Journey Back to Chickens
I raised chickens for a little over a year back in the 80s until dogs got into my run and left a massacre behind and I was devastated..... Fast forward to June 2009 when a little game called Farmville hit Facebook and I got hooked.
Haybale art.

Haybale TARDIS....I've been a Who fan since 1982! Me Loves Doctor Who!

I'm also a big fan of the band Heart. Haybale Heart Logo.

Second view.
At first Farmville only had 4 chickens available...white, brown, black, and gold and I hadn't even thought about getting chickens until about a year into playing when they started adding all kinds of different breeds and that made me get the itch to try raising chickens again....and yes I totally blame Farmville for my chicken 'problem'.

In April of 2011 I hit the feed store and bought 1 Black Australorp and 2 RIRs.......Planned on having only 3 chickens!
Chicken math hadn't fully hit me yet.

Black Australorp

The same week I bought the pullets I started work on turning an old shed into a chicken pen.

To be continued....