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By MrsWolfe · Feb 28, 2013 · ·
  1. MrsWolfe
    Hi, I'm very new to owning chickens! I don't even know anyone that owns chickens. I will be getting my chickens from a grain & feed store and I already know they will be a wealth of information. However, they are a long distance from me and I can not drive any longer :( When I found this site I decided to check out the coop pages and started reading the information. I look forward to having chicken friends that will be able to assist me with those questions that all new chicken owners need.

    I am in the process of picking a design for my coop, I believe I have decided on the design. Now to choose the location. We live on a main road in our city which is also a Route that is heavily traveled. But we have 4.5 acres of land (a rarity in our area). There are three main sections to our yard: the first, what we call our backyard, then divided by a shed, fruit trees, compost pit and hedges is our out back this area has a small green house, a small field which will have a vegetable garden, then we have the forest area which have some nice walking paths. I would like to put the chicken in the out back but I'm afraid of preditors (hawks, owls, cyoties, bobcat etc.). I would like to let them roam during the days, my dogs will keep them safe during this time.

    Any help in this decision?

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  1. zeke
    maybe close to the garden within eyesight of the house if you vist your garden daily. then you could use the waste in your compost with out to much extra work, just a thought. good luck, chickens r a blast you ll see! keep in mind how close is your water
  2. zeke
    I think you will want the chickens closer. the back yard is where i would put them . there alot of fun to watch, plus they will find your other areas to rome soon enough. they will be easier to moniter and care for if they r closer. and it should help with the predator conserns. good luck. you will find this website will soon bee you best source for info. alot of good folks here to help with your adventure!!!

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