I described long ago that our lives were never going to be the same when we got new chickens. And that for some part has been true. I can recall when they came to live with us. I didnt know what to expect since I knew my life would be different and change. I didnt think that after an entire year my life would again take a huge turn again. In April my grandmother died Easter Sunday. That alone was a huge change to our family. I know she passed away in the convalescent home but still it was something no one expected and would have wanted. Our lives would have to re-adjust to not going there almost everyday let alone my mothers too. Her life had to change from one day to the other no longer sitting besides her mom at dialysis.

I didnt think life would in turn put me in my own mothers shoes. My mother passed away the 22nd of last month. As you can imagine my life had to re-adjust to not seeing her in this house anymore. Walking past her bedside scares me. I cant even look without wanting to cry. It is said that pets are great companions and yes they are. I look into my chickens faces and am reminded of that very day last year my mother brought them home. The last thing she did before her brain hemorrage and was bedridden was see them eat an apple. That was the last time I heard her speak let alone walk and stand normal. I dont know if found in time things would be different. But what I do know is that caring for these chickens though can be hard at times brings me some kind of joy.

I understand now that I have to protect them from pretators. Yesterday alone we got a neighbors cat having mangled a poor wild bird. So I know that my role has changed. My responsabilities have increased but at least I have comfort. They supply me with busy work to keep my mind off my losses this year alone. We lost three...my dad did lose his brother as well right after my grandmother. So I can tell you it is indeed true pets of all kinds can bring you comfort when you need it most. Whether it be dog, cat, hamster, chicken or any other kind of pet; they can surely bring you a smile to your face.