A Coop For Girly Girls!

By SDChic · Aug 20, 2015 · Updated Aug 20, 2015 · ·
  1. SDChic
    My DH refers to our coop as my dollhouse! As my human chicks are growing up and leaving our nest, my DH suggested I get a new hobby. Although we live in town, I am a country girl at heart, having grown up on a ranch. Through the years, in our garage and large fenced-in backyard, we have fostered baby chicks and ducks, mama cat and kittens, mama dog and puppies, and even had a couple bottle lambs until they were off the bottle. So fun!!

    A few years ago, our city started allowing up to 6 hens in a backyard flock. This spring, after much research on BYC and help from members here, I sketched out a plan and my DH went to work. Little did DH know, my hobby would become his new hobby! It took longer than I had hoped, but DH is not a carpenter, just a DH willing to make my dreams of a backyard flock come to reality. I didn't want to spend a bunch of money on this project, incase raising chickens wasn't all it was "cracked up to be". ;)

    So...I found wood, tin roof, and windows here and there from friends, family, and Craigslist. The siding and interior wall panelling came from the damaged section at Menards for $5 a sheet (4X6) and high quality mistint paint for $12. My DD stenciled the walls, my son made the window box for Mother's Day, and a $20 chandelier from Craigslist completed the dream! The biggest expense was the hardware wire, ordered online for $60. All told, the coop probably cost about $200 to build and lots of future eggs for our helpers!

    My 4 "girls" love their dollhouse! Red, my RSL, started laying at 14 1/2 wks and hasn't missed a day since!! Poppy, my PRB, just stared laying this week at 17 wks. I expect my two EE to start any day. I look forward to gathering the eggs daily and everyone loves watching them free range and play in the yard.

    What I've learned: SWEET PDZ is the greatest. thing. EVER!!! I couldn't stand the thought of a stinky coop and using Sweet PDZ eradicates any odor. I use it everywhere! Using a 3 gal opaque (no sunlight=no algae) bucket with a horizontal nipple keeps the area dry and their water clean. Another bucket filled with crumbles (and ground egg shells mixed in) lasts longer with less waste using a 90 degree angled pvc pipe (that idea came from a youtube video). I dug a wide, shallow bathing hole in their large run and filled with sand, DE, and wood ash. They love it!

    What would I do differently? We would probably do the roof differently. We did not allow enough overhang on the front, so I have to open the windows from the top down incase of rain. I think we would do a traditional style roof with plenty of overhang all around. The coop is in 3 parts (roof, coop, under-run), so we could probably change that eventually.

    I love our "farm" in town, and so do my "girls"!!





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  1. Anonymous
    "Beautiful pics of finished coop. Not a "how to"."
    1/5, 1 out of 5, reviewed Jul 16, 2018
    Liked reading about where you found materials - would have liked to read more details about your build.


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  1. SDChic
    Thank you, SouthGaRoo! As of this week, all 4 are laying!!
  2. SouthGaRoo
    That is one nice coop,i know your girls are happy.

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