A Day in the Life of the Moonrise Sunshine Chickens

By Chicken5555 · Jun 17, 2016 · ·
  1. Chicken5555
    As the sun begins to set and the moon rises, a high pitched buzz can be heard rising up from the swamps. Bat food, mosquitos, are out looking for dinner. The frogs sound like a loud chorus of undulating instruments, rising and falling in pitch and volume as the different sized amphibians join and drop out of the performance. When the skies are clear, the moon shines so bright that you can see the chickens roosting in their favorite high places. Every night you can hear the echo of owls hooting across the still swamp waters and if you listen very closely, you might just be lucky enough to hear the yip, yip, howl of a coyote in the distance. When the last rays of light disappear behind the trees and all you can see are the shadowy figures of night, it is time for all to go to bed.

    The moon hangs in the sky, a faint glow can be seen on the horizon, and sleepy eyes begin to open. If you're up early enough, you can hear the trumpeting sound of young roosters crowing for the first time. They think the girls will be impressed if they puff out their chests, raise their heads high, flap their wings with a burst of air and crow like the girls are a mile away. Watch closely Renegade; Sassy will peck you hard if you're in her way. Renegade dashes around the bossy Sassy so she can stretch her wings in the morning light of a new day. Squawk!!!! Cluck, cluck, cluck....... How dare you bother pretty Kay, you nasty Filet. I'll peck your eye out if you bother her again. Mr. Food will not let the other boys pick on his favorite.

    High in the sky is a menacing figure. He passes over the flock with ill intent, but after he turns around and looks again, the hawk realizes that there is no way to get to the plump little birds. He screeches his frustration and flies on under the shining sun. Soon it will be too hot to be out in the open. Shining bright in the afternoon, el sol sends heat to the ground like a furnace on it's highest setting. Nobody wants to move - all is still. Even snakes and lizards look for shade now. Flowers hang heavily under the sunshine, leaves wither with the heat and water evaporates before it can pool.

    As the sun begins to set and the moon rises, wings and feet find energy to flutter about before the last meal of the day. The chickens eat their food, and head back up to their roosts for the night. Mosquitos buzz, frogs sing again, and owls can be heard hooting across the still swamp waters of the night.

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  1. Chicken5555
    Thank you! I've lived in the coastal region of SC since 2004 and this place has grown on me. Would you believe that there are alligators here? I've seen 'em in a pond that is connected to the swamps about 10 miles from my house. An alligator snapping turtled crawled up to the front porch last month. We have all sorts of critters around here!
  2. RodNTN
    Wow, it sounds beautiful where you live!
  3. Chicken5555
    Inspired by my 12 week old olive eggers. I love watching them interact as they grow up.

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