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By silkieRaiser · May 24, 2017 · ·
  1. silkieRaiser
    Name: Watermelon
    Species: Watermelon
    Gender: Watermelon
    Age: Watermelon
    Superpowers: Watermelon (A seed canon)
    Description/pic: Watermelon
    Other: Watermelon
    Username: vachick15

    Name: Kawaii kitty
    Species: kitty
    Gender: female
    Age: 2 days
    Superpowers: can control minds with cuteness, can summon money
    Description/pic: is a kawaii cat
    Other: likes cheese

    Name: Rutabaga
    Age: 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111115
    Gender: Female
    Species: Penguin
    History: It happened a long time ago. She lived in a frozen land where everyone dined on burritos. Burritos were the penguins life, they ate them for every meal and never complained. Rutabaga did not like burritos and she let it slip to her little brother, who let it slip to her parents who did not let it slip. Instead they told the mayor, who was not happy about this. She was then banned from the beautiful land of Burritotopia, and now hated burritos, mayors and parents.
    Personality: She acts like she is a 5 year old.
    Username: vachick15

    Name:Bruce Wayne
    Gender: HEN
    Age: immortally awesome (like 3 months)
    Superpowers: She can shoot featherrangs from her primary wing feathers, and regrows them instantly.
    Description/pic: *black ameraucana*
    Username: PeepersMama

    Name: Fowler
    Species: EE rooster
    Gender: rooster
    Age: dead
    Superpower: Everything that comes with being a GHOST. :cool:
    Description: basically a gold duckwing rooster with more red in his wings.
    Other: He was sent to freezer camp for a reason.
    Username: PeepersMama

    Name: Cilantro
    age: 3.15149 days
    species: walrus
    life history: grapefruit reighned as king. He was under their rule. Grapefruit was cruel, he liked money and pulp in his orange juice. Cilantro moved to a new land, seeking to be free. Grapefruit noticed his dissapearence, and put him in jail. When cilantro was in his cell, he saw numbers on the wall. Not just any number, Pi. It surrounded him. A few years later Cilantro was released from Prison and he knew what he wanted to do. He went to Lowes, but didn't find it. Then, he looked on craigslist. He found it. A SHIRT WITH A DIVISION SYMBOL ON IT. He was going to be a mathematician. The division sign signified that he has been divided from his land, and he escaped successfully. Cilaltro lives happily in Antarctica, teaching people about math. He loves what he has come to be, and will never go back to his home land, no matter what.

    Age:Oh, Im not sure, maybe 20000000
    Superpowers:She is crazy for Catnip, She dreams about, she does catnip back-flips with her mentor Ashstripe
    Description/pic:Tan SheCat with white belly paws muzzle and tail tip.
    Other:CATSTTTTTTTNJIIIIIIPPPP WAAASSSRRRRRRI(Who ever can make out what that says, I will make them a free, totally epic character)

    Name: Ashstripe
    Species: Cat/Size of a wolf due to an accidental overdose of unicorn drug.
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15 moons
    Superpowers: Has a tendency to turn everything into chicken nuggets by touching it. Due to her being extremely high on Unicalm, she floats a few feet above the ground. Life consists entirely of catnip and chicken nuggets to her- if it doesn't, she simply turns everything into chicken nuggets and catnip. Has an uncanny knack for riding Kias.
    Description/pic: WILL BE DRAWN.
    Other: She may keep growing bigger and bigger and bigger...
    Animal Control had ! butterflieS hike they he'llcannp.
    Username: HeavensHens88

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  1. Kusanar
    I'm confused...
    1. silkieRaiser
      That is the point of this RP
    2. Kusanar
      Ahh, if that is the point, then good job and have fun.
      silkieRaiser likes this.
    3. silkieRaiser

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