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A good "scolding" never hurt anyone!

  1. Sally Sunshine

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  1. Cynthia12
    Love your photos! Your girls look so healthy, with their nice fluffy skirts. They have big skirts..love that in a hen. Very pretty. Your daughter..I assume? Darling!
  2. spatdi
    Love seeing your brood! I wish I could add a few more to my 3 hens. Thanks for sharing your wealth!
  3. sophiesmith
    Great pics.
  4. Sally Sunshine
    Thanks! The first hatch in the Coolerbator? They are still too young, they are but 2/3 weeks old, I have no clue who is who yet. I didnt sex them as day olds : (
    However, 8 of the eggs were a friends eggs, so I gave him the chicks and one of our brahma chicks. so its a waiting game! There are still 25+ peeps in the brooder!
    Our Partridge brahmas ended up to be 5 roos and 5 hens though.
  5. kitmarlowescot2
    Awesome story, I was wondering how many cockerels and pullets did you offically end up with from your first hatch and did you keep any of them ?
  6. <3 N.C Chicken Chick <3
    I love your set up, and chickens! Your kids are cute too :)
  7. TurtlePowerTrav
    Yay, Sally. Great story and pics
  8. 3Dchicken
    Your chickens are just TOO CUTE!@!!!1!! Oh, how I wish I could have that many chickens! I love how big and healthy- looking and FLUFFY they are!! I want to have a whole bunch of different chickens. Right now I am incubating 17 white leghorn rhode island red mix eggs, and I am so excited, for these will be my first chickens EVER :D
  9. Sally Sunshine
    WOW thanks everyone!! Haromony is reading your comments too, she is laughing as she is reading! Thanks everyone! love my kiddos and my chickens.... oh DH and pupe
  10. LAChick
    Your love for your family and peeps is wonderful to see. Thanks for sharing!

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