Here is a lot of things about me that I am sure noone on here knows about! I will start from the begining from were my love for chickens and all animals started!

From about age 5 and up I have always loved Chickens,Ducks, And really any kind of animal.My granddaddy is to thank,he always had chickens,ducks,guineas,peacocks, horses and many other animals for as long as I can remember but, I look at old pictures from before when I was born and see that he has probably always had Chickens,Ducks Etc...

I can remeber when he had over 200 chickens. I just loved to run to the barn and see all of the chickens and guineas and all the other animals he had come running. I loved to pour the food at my feet and have them peck around my feet so I could touch them! :) We always had "pet" chickens! They would jump on our shoulders and our heads but it was fun!

Right up intill this past year my granddaddy always had guineas. He had about 200 untill he passed away.And since he passed away so have his guineas, Its quite sad to me. But every animal he has ever owned had an emotional attaction to him. You could tell. I miss my grandfather so i guess he is part of the raeson im into animals as much as I am ...
I never knew that there were so many types of chickens untill the past 2 years. My best friend has been into chickens for as long as he can remember to. Yes he is a guy and we are best friends. LOL! So he and his father always had chickens as he was growing up, his brother has always had chickens. So since me and him have been friends I have learned so much more than what I knew.

We never had any of the crazy looking chickens when I was growing up and to be honest I did not even know that they existed! But since me and him have been bddies I have grown a fancy for the crazy looking ones. I just love to see the little or BIG tops on there heads, or all the little feathers on there feet. Oh and I just love it when I go to hatch eggs! Its like christmas to me! Inever know who will have a top or feathers on there feet!!! I just love my chickens.

Besides just chickens I also have ducks! And man am I crazy about my ducks to!! I just love them to death too. I love how i can walk outside and hollar "DUCKIES" and they start quacking and running toward me!! I could just eat them up (not really there are just so cute!) they are part of my family as are my chickens! I only have 8 ducks right now! I have 4 grown and 4 still babies just now starting to get feathers on there butt and face.

I may only be 17 but I love my chickens and ducks and dogs and all of my animals... They mean the world to me! I learn more and more each day and I really don't think that you could ever stop learning a passion! I love to just go sit outside and watch and talk to my chickens and ducks! I am currently looking for a hammok I think that it would be awsome to have one and be able to sit outside and watch all my chickens and ducks just hang out!!

Well this might have been boring to people but now you know a little something about me!!