A New Love For Chickens

By begbfg · Jan 15, 2012 ·
  1. begbfg
    It was about ten years ago when I asked my dear husband the one question that started it all: "Why don't we raise some chickens?"

    "Chickens?!" he answered. "They're a lot of work. You have to keep them warm in the Winter; they need decent shelter and have to be fed and watered every day. Besides, we have a lot of predators around here which would mean extra protection for them. I don't think having chickens is a good idea."

    The conversation ended there for a time. But, I just couldn't get the idea out of my head.

    I was born in New Jersey and lived there until I was twelve. And living across the river from Philly meant city and suburbian life; no farms or farm animals close by. When I was twelve, my life changed for the better; we moved to North Dakota and I got the farm bug. I just loved the fresh air, the wide open spaces and the farm life! I fell in love! I saw all kinds of farm animals on a daily basis, but, strangely enough, I don't recall ever seeing chickens!!

    One of our neighbors raised pheasants to release into the wild for hunting purposes and that's the closest I got to seeing any kind of farm-raised birds. I remember spending time in the pheasant barn (he had about 500 pheasant chicks at a time) handling the chicks and just observing them in general.

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