[FONT=tahoma,arial,helvetica,sans-serif]This September is full of new adventures, some exciting and some a little lonely. This will be the first year since dgd, Gemma, started kindergarten that I have not been fully involved in her education. My daughter finally gets to stay home and teach Gemma the whole day (she worked part time before and we shared education duties--Gemma is home schooled). This changes my entire morning routine and I don't want to just wander around wasting the a.m. So far I've cleaned out the sharp things drawer in the kitchen, really, who needs 15 knives and the baking utensils drawer, keep all spatulas and measuring spoons. I've got the hall cupboard and the plastic bowl cupboard to go(why are there more lids than bowls?), oh, and the silverware drawer (who still calls it the silverware drawer even though everything is stainless steel now? Probably just me). All this will cover me for a week but then what? Okay, that's the poor me side, on the other is a very happy husband who finally gets more of my attention, and my company when he walks the cross in other cities of California (if this intrigues you, go to: walkthecross.com) I'm becoming quite the photographer for his web site. The hens and quail and bunnies and gardens will definitely be getting more attention, hmmmm... maybe I'll grow winter crops this year. I'm sure I'll still see plenty of dd and dgd since they live in an apartment and come over often to just breathe (and do laundry). But these new open mornings do open up possibilities undreamed of. So, on the whole I guess this is a good thing and since dd is expecting a baby in February, we've lots to look forward to. I just have to get used to being just a grandma, no scolding, no "get a move on it", no "are you paying attention",no "you'll have to do that over", just conversation and praise and love and fun. This will be a good season after all.[/FONT]