A Pallet Coop Made As A Family Event

By Lady Ressler · Jun 13, 2012 · Updated Jun 13, 2012 · ·
  1. Lady Ressler
    After doing research on the site, I decided to make this coop as cheap as possible. My husband and I have cattle and just happen to have A LOT of pallets around from all the mineral and feed we buy. So pallets were the material of choice. We used 2 pallets on each side and strengthened it with 2x4s. We added tamarack poles at downward slope from front to back on the top for a roof.


    We built the "frame" at the farm and then put it on the trailer to move it to our house.

    Then we started stapling hardware cloth over the openings. That was the one thing that was emphasized, lots of ventilation. Hopefully it is not too much. Then we screwed on the plywood around the sides and the roof. Added a door with a window built in to let in light. Another item emphasized.


    Then came the post hole digging for the run. This was fun to watch. My husband couldn't get the holes dug fast enough for our kids to fill them. One of the kids is off getting another shovel load of dirt. The straightness of the poles didn't seem to matter to them.
    The one in the background was an attempt at pushing the tamarack posts in with the Bobcat. The crookedness of it was enough for me to say that we should dig them by hand. It is good exercise for us anyway right. My husband looked at me and said he was guessing he would be getting the exercise more than anyone else. He was right.
    Now it just needs some paint and the run needs to be enclosed.

    I even planted some ribbon grass around the dirt mound that is at the base of the coop hoping to prevent erosion.

    It was a lot of fun getting it done and now my girls can enjoy the space.
    With the run enclosed, I was able to let the girls really have some room.They come running when I call them. So cool!!!

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  1. Anonymous
    "Neat family project! Bit light on the "how to""
    2/5, 2 out of 5, reviewed Jul 11, 2018
    Love all the ventilation!


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  1. The Old Yolks
    DH and I did a pallet coop ourselves. Yay for those who recycle and repurpose. Family projects are always the best ones in my opinion. Love the coop!
  2. joan1708
    I think it needs a metal roof and some slapped on paint, and then it would be perfect! It looks very comfortable for the chickens.
  3. PEI chicken
    Great coop, and I really like that it was a family job. That's making great memories for your children! It's funny how memory works. Most people remember small events from their childhood much more clearly than something that happened a couple of weeks ago.

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