A Playhouse Coop - Small Coop For Really Cheap

What a small, cheap, easy coop looks like and how it can be used!
By Dawnclucks22 · Jan 9, 2018 · ·
  1. Dawnclucks22
    (This wasn't my original idea. My mom found it on the internet somewhere and we executed it. I would cite the page if I could, but I'll just give a run-through of what these are.)

    This is my coop.

    It is what it looks like: we modified a playhouse on craigslist and turned it into a coop. It's perfect for a small flock of 2-3 standards when used as we use it. Our chickens run around the rest of our backyard every day, and this is just where they sleep. If you have a lot of predators in your area or don't want to free-range, you can always attach a run to it if you like.

    (Gah... Sorry about the blur.)

    Not only does it has a whimsical, cozy kind of feel to it, but the windows and door are easy to close at night. The door has a latch on it as you can see in the photo, and a tug alone can't open it.


    Inside there's a nest box and two roosts, located to the left. In this photo I have closed the windows because of a rainy day (another use for those windows!). The feeder and waterer are located outside.

    A view through the window.

    The two roosts.

    Some Pros:
    When attaching chicken wire or cutting holes, the material is quite easy to push through if you do it at the right angle.
    It looks cute and fitting in any kind of backyard.
    It is dirt cheap and easy to do if you're afraid of buying a "real" coop.

    Some Cons:
    The color fades easily and dark colors are best. This house used to be yellow.
    It can accommodate only a handful of chickens and cannot be used as living quarters, but only for roosting and laying.
    If you have a bully bird, the roosts are close enough that a lower bird could be picked on at night.

    I hope this article helped you and/or you enjoyed seeing my coop. Happy chickening!

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    Dawnclucks22 is a chickeneer who lives in the city, tending to her small flock and going on about 4 years of chickening now. She loves sharing her love and her knowledge of these wonderful birds with friends and strangers alike.
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    It's always fun to see how someone repurposes materials!
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