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A Portrait of Chicken....Portraits? (Chick Photography is a Messy Business)

By orrpeople, Jan 18, 2017 | Updated: Jan 18, 2017 | | |
  1. orrpeople
    It's an art! It's a science! Haha, I'd say it's about 90% just plain luck!

    Here is a short photo journal of attempting to get our NYD hatch of Bielefelders to take a perfect photo!

    1. Pick the perfect backdrop - ah yes, New Years calls for sparkles, candles and - what the heck, throw some grape vines on there.

    2. Run a test subject. Mild mannered Buffy (Probably the most original name for a BO, don't you think?) will do the job - once she realizes that sadly, the backdrop is not edible. Sorry, sweetie, this is not a "treat infused" task.

    And this is what she looked like after she realized the grapes were plastic.

    3. Now its time to bring out the chicks. Those same grapes were also quite appealing to Fritz. Fritz, come on back, boy.

    4. And, try to get Fritz back in the shot without getting a picture of your own arm.

    5. And, all chaos (naturally) ensues.



    Um, Fritz, my camera isnt even focused for such a close close-up!

    6. You'll want to stop taking pictures here and quick, clean the poop off the backdrop.

    7. Now, if they'll just... just....stay still! Oh, so close! Fritz! Look at the camera, not the back of Giselle's gorgeous head!

    8. Ah, I think we may actually have a decent one! Add a little sillhouette, and "Wha-la!"

    Now, wasn't that simple!

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  1. Chicken Girl1
    It is most definitely an art ;)! Poor Buffy, no real grapes, LOL.
  2. N F C
    LOL, and that's the way it goes :)
    That last shot was worth all the effort!

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