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  1. urban.friendly.farming
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    Sometime last fall or early winter, I ran across a website that was selling a coop door opener / closer that really caught my attention. I was sure I bookmarked the site but now I can't find the bookmark and cannot relocate the site by searching (BTW - there are LOTS of automatic coop door units on the 'net)! [​IMG]

    The automatic door was not one of the slide type (up/down or sideways), but opened on a hinge, just like a house door or gate. The controller could be programmed for open and close time by using a round magnet with a red plastic handle about an inch in diameter. Touch the magnet to the control surface and the door would open, touch it again and the door would close. After a couple of minutes (as I recall) the door would open briefly to allow the stragglers to get in before they were locked out for the night. Times of day were saved and reused until it was reprogrammed. They also had an optional "solar eye" that could be used to select the open and close times based on light levels outside. There was an optional battery with solar panel to power the setup where there was no electrical line available. It was designed by a couple of good 'ol boys from Georgia, as I recall, and they starred in the demonstration videos.

    Does anybody know anything about this door controller or where I could find it? I'd really appreciate finding it again.

    Thanks you,
    - UFF

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  1. urban.friendly.farming
    yes, and i like that is opens like a door should, avoiding many of the design and operational issues with the up/down or side-to-side slider units
  2. CraftyChicky
    Great door! AND great price! The price of most of the automatic chicken doors have had me saying thanks, but NO thanks! This is much more reasonable.
  3. urban.friendly.farming
    yippers, that's the item! (i was using the word "coop" in my searches and it doesn't look like they use that word on their site)
    thanks SO MUCH
    - uff
  4. ccf2
    I believe this is the product you are looking for:
    Your recollection of the features it has is very accurate. I have two of them and recommend them. I would suggest acquiring the photo sensor ("solar eye") option otherwise you will likely have to reprogram more frequently. The photo sensor option also can still be manually programmed and reverts to the photo sensor should it ever lose its manually set open and close times.

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