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By chicken4prez · Dec 30, 2016 · Updated Mar 1, 2017 ·
  1. chicken4prez
    So I'll be adding cats whenever you make one! [​IMG]
    If I miss anyone just tell me.



    Name: Shadestar
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17 moons
    Personality: Very spiritual with strong faith in Starclan- therefore expects- and enforces- that all of his Clan to be strong believers too. Very kind to his Clan and obeys every warrior cat code. Strong, loyal, courageous, brave, elite, smart, caring, considerate, and respected. Very young leader with 8 lives left. Revered in battle because of his blatant strength and cunning.
    Description: Handsome, muscular dark gray tom with black tabby patches. He has bright green eyes.
    History: Born and raised in LeaveClan and trained strongly under the warrior code. Has wanted to be leader since he was a kit. His jumping skills are legendary among ALL the Clans. Hates all other Clans with a fierce passion. Has gone far to earn the respect of his Clan.
    Clan: LeaveClan
    Rank: Leader
    Mate: None yet
    Kits: None
    Parents: Owltail (Father), Lightdawn (Mother)
    Siblings: None
    Other: None
    Username: HeavensHens88




    Name: Hazelpaw (flame)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 8 moons
    Personality: Clever, independant, curious, brave, slightly sarcastic and audacious to other Clans but great at hunting, leaping, and scenting, and fast. Inwardly she is grief-striken and terribly lonely, though she works so hard to chase her misery away. Would die for her Clan over and over.
    Description: Light sandy ginger she-cat with white paws, underbelly, and tipped ears; dark green eyes.
    History: Born and raised in LeaveClan. Her mother was killed by Shadestar when she went mad from rabies and Hazelpaw was utterly devastated; though she realizes now that Shadestar had to kill her for the safety of the whole Clan, she didn't then and hated him for it. Her father was killed by a rogue dog shortly afterward and Hazelpaw went into a deep bout of depression, though once she was apprenticed, she seemed to brighten and throw all of her energy into being an excellent apprentice. What her Clan doesn't know is that her insides are a constant storm of misery and loneliness that she works so hard to shroud every day with a inpenetrable smile. Loves to keep her mind occupied and her paws busy at all times so that she has no chance to become depressed again. Hates it when someone mentions her parents. All of her Clanmates are ready to be there for the impossibly-unlikable apprentice and Shadestar seems to particularily admire her for her courage in the face of her family's deaths.
    Clan/Tribe: LeaveClan (Is it supposed to be spelled "LeafClan?")
    Rank: Apprentice
    Mentor: Shadestar
    Mate/Crush: None yet
    Kits: None
    Parents: Finchfang (killed by dog) and Bluemist (killed by Shadestar.)
    Siblings: Dead at birth.
    Username: HeavensHens88


    Make more stuff later....

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