A Twist on a 5 Gallon Spring Water Jug Gravity Fed Poultry Waterer

I needed a big waterer for our 26 meat birds desperately, then I saw the idea of this system on a google image search but after some thought, I realized that I needed to make a few changes, because when your a woman carrying a 5 gallon jug of water and flip it over you don't want to mess around trying to align anything, and I didn't want to mess up my water jugs either by drilling holes and adding any bolts, etc. The coffee container can move wherever it wants in that bucket and you can just flip the 5 gal jug into the bucket quick without having to fuss with all that weight in one hand! And its gravity fed of course. We have two water jugs, so I can carry one along to the meat birds to replace the other, then rinse and sun dry until the next day, repeat. Here is a link to a water jug if you dont use them from walmart or someplace already. I had asked for mine on CL in a general sales post, got three replies and ended up with freebies! Thats always a plus!
The site has several sizes and buy two get a discount, but again local CL works best, just type and ask!


15 minutes is all you should need if you have the supplies!

5 galon bucket (cheap at lowes, homedepo and WallyWorld)
5 gallon water jug
Coffee Containter (I used Maxwell house, Foldgers is red and that IS the going Color for Poultry waters)
You betcha that's all folks!

Tape Measure
3/4" paddle bit
2" Drill bit/hole saw (you can make drill holes to start dremel and then just drem/jigsaw out entirely instead of holesaw)
Dremel or jigsaw

Measurements are in images, pretty self explanatory!

follow around the jug 4" as seen below and then for the last set of holes I just "center eyed them up"
Because its JUST A chicken waterer people!

Its such a complicated system, isn't it?

Coffee container with two holes in it ..
at 2" from bottom to top of holes, and 3/4" drill paddle bit

Again, before purchasing, try posting on CL or local FB pages and ASK for water jugs like this,, you will be surprised at responses!
The kind with handles are awesome!
We also use them for WATER BACK UP (its the "doomsday prepper" in me

It didn't take long for them to start pecking at the system and find the water!

Disclaimer: Please note this information is offered as friendly advice only and,
whilst I have made every effort to ensure it is accurate,
I can not be held responsible if it proves not to be useful in your case!

Sally Sunshine

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