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    Hey! New to "My Page" type stuff so bear with me lol. I'll add stuff as I figure out what I'm doing...
    I raise chickens on a couple acres in the middle of nowhere in Oklahoma. I love to hunt, fish, and camp, but what I love most of all is riding motorcycles. I work as a ranch hand on a sheep ranch, used to break horses until I bummed up my shoulder.
    I recently had the neighbors' dog jump a 6' tall barbed wire fence, took out most of my flock. So what chickens I have left: 1 OEG rooster, 1 Barred Rock, 1 Rhode Island Red, 3 white Silkies, 3 Cochins, 3 game hens, and 9 mutts. Out of just under 100 chickens. Don't rely on tall, strong fences to keep dogs out, they'll find a way.

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