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Don't chase dem chicks, Corral 'Em!!
By aart · Apr 20, 2017 · ·
  1. aart
    Have a hard time catching your chicks to put them in the coop at night?
    There's that awkward time when they are old enough to live in coop and run but haven't figured out how to go back into the coop at night.
    So every night is chick wrangling time...can drive ya nuts!

    I'm too old and creaky to chase chickens...so I have to outsmart them.
    Thus the 'Chick Corral' was created.

    2 pieces of 14ga 1x2x24" mesh, one hinged as a 'door', placed in corner of run.
    Open the door a bit, 'herd' the chicks along the run wall into the corral, close the door and pick up the chicks
    Depending on how many chicks you have, it might take a few rounds to get them all.
    Hope that helps!

    Taking pics of mesh is hard, I have adjusted the lighting as much as possible for visibility.

    Now where did I put that thing?!?!?!...gonna need it soon!

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  1. mizjones
    Love it. I'm in that same situation right now with young chickens who may or may not go into the coop when they're supposed to.
  2. penny1960
    good idea there had to leave my youngest out one
    night because of it

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